About DXLC

Norway’s DX-Listeners’ Club was formed in 1955, as one of the first DX-clubs in Europe. In the early years DXLC had members from all over the continent, and the club magazine, DX-News, was published in English.

The club soon evolved into catering for Scandinavian members only, and the club now publishes DX-News and conducts its affairs almost entirely in Norwegian. At present, DXLC has some 190 members, of which more than 80% reside in Norway and the rest mostly from neighboring countries.

DXLC is non-commercial, and the club is run by members on a voluntary, unpaid basis. DX-News is issued 8 times a year, containing news, tips and log sections as well as a wide range of features and articles.

DXLC also issues occasional other publications such as «Amazing AM», which ambitiously lists all medium wave stations logged in Norway after World War II. Anyone interested in medium wave DXing will find this book an invaluable source of historic information about stations, transmitters and frequencies. «Amazing AM» is published in English and is available in both printed and database versions at NOK 150,- each.

The club holds occasional meetings and listening camps for members. In the autumn of 1997, DXLC organized the annual Nordic DX Championships, «Nordx ‘97», which featured a special farewell-transmission from the shortwave facility at Fredrikstad.

The annual DXLC membership fee is NOK 200 inside Norway and NOK 250 elsewhere. An internet only membership is available at NOK 100 (worldwide), then you will have to download DX-News yourself instead of receiving a paper copy.  Nordic DXers may obtain special rates by subscribing through their local DX-clubs – get in touch with us at dx-news (at) dxlc (dot) com or your local club for details.

We accept payment by VISA or transfers to our postal giro account (contact our treasurer for details).

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