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AND5 log

With AND6 in progress (and lasting until the end of the month), there might be some interest in seeing the log from a year ago, AND5.

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AND5 in retrospect

With AND5 just over a week in the rear-view, we’ve had some time to contemplate on what we experienced.

Antenna comparisons. Previously we’ve been using a couple of short ( 400 and < 700 meters) beverage. On AND5 we increased the distance between the cabin and those antennas, resulting in very quiet performance with the daytime noise floor as low as -135 and -140 db (SDR-IQ). We compared simultaneous recordings on the new and old antennas. Although in general the same stations were heard on the antennas pointed in the same direction (comparing short old and long new antennas), the main improvement in using long (more than 750 meters) beverages was a huge increase in audio clarity. This made it much easier to follow 3-4 different stations on the same frequency using the new antennas than we managed with the shorter "toy" antennas.

We had 3 long antennas with an angular individual separation of 13 degrees. With the exception of the strongest signals and reception during geomagnetically disturbed conditions, there was virtually no overlap stationwise between the two antennas separated by 26 degrees, while there was some overlap when we compared 13 degrees spaced antennas.

There were only a few uninteresting days during AND5. We had great or exceptional openings on 6 out of 10 days with a stunning number of daytimers noted, particularly during the nights 23/24 and 24/25. We were lucky to get slightly disturbed conditions several nights as that let us hear something else than the dominants.

AND5 was by a large margin the most interesting of all ANDs. The log will be large as we expect to add 2-300 NA stations not heard on those previous DX-peditions.


AND5 Oct.30

The morning of October 30 was much better than anticipated. Propagation focused on two windows, one small to Oregon and a larger from central California and New Mexico in the north to Sinaloa in the south. Many interesting stations were noted and we’re looking forward to examining the recordings.


AND5 Oct. 28-29

We’ve been busy DXing almost continuously from 21 UTC on October 28 until just after midnight on October 30. The evening of Oct.28 was excellent with a superb opening to the Great Lakes. Excellent propagation continued all day on October 29 with huge signals and many stations on most frequencies. Mostly west coast and the Rockies during the morning and until about 14 UTC, then Hawaii and Alaska until early evening. There was virtually no break as signals from the east coast occupied the band from 20h UTC. Lots of interesting signals then and until near midnight when a geomagnetic disturbance interrupted the interesting DX.


Antenna planning and setup


AND5 Oct.28

Yesterday evening was a big improvement over the situation 24 hours earlier. Stations from the Caribbean and northern parts of South America were numerous and had excellent signals from 22 to 02 UTC. There should be some interesting stations on the recordings. Some North American stations were noted on the northernmost antenna, mainly from the Mountain and Pacific time zones. NA conditions died out before 08 UTC, with some west coast stations returning with good signals after 10 UTC.


AND5 Oct.27

Conditions have varied from very poor to periodically good since the previous update. The last night had lots of strong signals from northern South America and some US east coast in the morning. Quite good to the west coast after noon.

Our longest beverage has been extended to the sea shore and is now 1100 meters.

We are still eagerly listening to recordings from the fabulous Oct. 23-24 night. For the interval 21:30 to 02:00 UTC we are estimating somewhere between 100 and 200 new stations (meaning not previously logged at this location). With about 5% of the recordings examined we are already at 8 non-KOJE stations.


AND5 commences

Half of the projected antennas are up and have been tested. Not much to hear other than the regular Alaskan stations. With the current geomagnetic disturbance in mind we’ll probably have to wait a few days for great conditions. The remaining antenna work awaits daylight tomorrow morning. We are aiming for daily updates, however, our Internet connection is unreliable …